Makeup Inventory – Category and Cost Analysis

Did I mention that I have a slight compulsion towards spreadsheets? And while I have used one to track my wardrobe inventory last year, I finally decided to pull one together for my makeup collection. I feel like to some extent ‘makeup inventory’ is just the new makeup collection concept but it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t let some of my work analysis creep into this. Like my wardrobe inventory, I have Excel spreadsheet set up for every single makeup product I own but in no way will I be able to track cost per wear, nor do I find it necessary.¬†For the purpose of this post, I have focused on yearly spending, category breakdown and threw in a brand diagram as a bonus. Continue reading “Makeup Inventory – Category and Cost Analysis”

Thoughts On Getting Muji Storage and Rebranding

Chanel Exception, Aesop, Dior, Chanel, MujiWhat a serious subject to reflect on. But let me tell you picking out the Muji drawers was a struggle. I don’t even remember how I used to store my compacts back home but it was sort of a ridiculous solution. When I moved, I put all of my brushes in my marble mug but the rest was just floating around. On my table and in the overflowing and inconvenient to use makeup bag. Continue reading “Thoughts On Getting Muji Storage and Rebranding”