Rolling Project Pan Update

It’s been over a month since I officially committed to my first Project Pan and I’ve already got things to report. I’ve learnt that I am impatient after all but also rediscovered some product loves. Seeing I have finished or decided to declutter some of the products, I figured an update was due. Not entirely sure if rolling out a majority of the products is a good start but I suppose it’s my inexperience with project panning that made me pick products that weren’t necessarily feasible for me to use up and at least enjoy using. Continue reading “Rolling Project Pan Update”

New Obsession: Dirty Rose Lips


For quite some time, I’ve believed that earthy¬†shades of lipsticks simply do not suit me. Either because of my pale skin or warm tones in my natural lip colour. ¬†However, recently I found myself gravitating towards them. I fancied a brown/purple/mauve nude (shades that I’ve loved on my eyes and cheeks). Suddenly, I felt like they went pretty well with my hair colour and generally gave quite a sophisticated look. Continue reading “New Obsession: Dirty Rose Lips”