Current Lifestyle Favourites

I haven’t done a favourite post in ages and actually I’m not sure because they are still some of my favourites to read and as someone who loves to make highlights list in my personal notebook, it’s actually fun to share it with others. Continue reading “Current Lifestyle Favourites”

Capsule Wardrobe: Key Pieces and Basics

Capsule Wardrobe 101Let’s talk capsule wardrobes! Yup, I’m excited! There is all the talk about having the right foundation for your wardrobe and I think that’s a particularly great way to do it if you’re looking into starting a capsule. Today, I’m sharing you a concept I found on Into Mind and I think it’s a really clever way of sorting out those essentials in your closet.

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Minimalism Inspiration

Image Credit: I’m Drew Scott / Into Mind / Mademoiselle / Inspiroue / Tamira Jarrel

This is a quick post just to share some love. People can bash blogging all they want but there are some gems out there and I’m bringing you my favourites today. All of them I like for different reason but if you love professional photography, informative content and ultimately, inspiration, those five are worth checking out. Continue reading “Minimalism Inspiration”

Gray Marble and Minimalism Edit

Urban Outfitter Daily JournalI will spare you the cliché New Year’s resolutions post and simply state that November and December have been the months of organisation and capsule wardrobe obsession in my book. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that we’re in 2016 now but more so with me being smitten by the idea of minimalism. My vision for this blog though is to feature more lifestyle and style content. I reckon it’s natural to feel bit uninspired with blog post ideas every now and then but since, realising that I came up with plenty of topics that I’d love to share my thoughts about. Continue reading “Gray Marble and Minimalism Edit”

Home Decor Edit: Making My Place More Homely

Home Decor

Today was the epitome of a bad day and I’m not exactly in the best state of mind but luckily, I can finally rest at home. I have been in London a little bit over a month and already lived in three different places so decorating my living space hasn’t been much of a priority. It’s been more about actually having a place to stay. Without getting into too much details, I did have to pick up a few bare essentials just so I wouldn’t be borrowing a friend’s blanket for the rest of my life. Enter H&M Home and others. Continue reading “Home Decor Edit: Making My Place More Homely”