The Perfect Muted Red Nail

Givenchy Rouge AcajouIn my Quick Autumn Look, I quickly referenced my obsession over the Givenchy Vinyl Collection but mostly the Rouge Acajou shade. They launched a matching lip and nail duo and while I love Rouge Acajou on my lips and was told it suited me perfectly, I’m not entirely sure it’s the Diane Lockhart lip colour I’m looking for which is even tougher considering a certain actress that plays her is nowhere near as white as myself. Continue reading “The Perfect Muted Red Nail”

Autumn Edit: Nails

Chanel Charivari, Chanel Rouge Noir, Chanel Exception, Givenchy Rouge AcajouChanel do seem to have a near monopoly in this post but I feel like since last year their nail polish formula has improved. Utterly judging that based on Exception. Anyway, even though I did this post once before when I sort of tried to blog and then failed, I have a few new picks this year and I thought I’d share them with you. Obviously there is a certainly deep red going on but when if not in autumn… Continue reading “Autumn Edit: Nails”

Chanel New Moon Glitter


First of all, I am terribly sorry to have missed Friday’s post but here it finally is. The past few days have just been crazy but I’m hoping to be back on track on Wednesday! Now onto the cream shadow in question.

I’m not one to go for all shimmery eye looks but once in a while I wake up and those eye blender brushes don’t look very inviting. Those days I used pull out Maybelline Color Tattoo in On and On Bronze but while it’s an easy eye look, it’s certainly not my favourite. Then last year, Chanel launched New Moon as a limited edition shade. I thought it’d be the perfect everyday shade. And behold because Chanel is repromoting this beauty in their Les Automnales collection (that one I mentioned before was gorgeous)! Continue reading “Chanel New Moon Glitter”