Favourite Face Makeup Brushes

I’ve had this blog post idea lurking in the shadows for quite some time now and I kept putting it off because I recently added a number of Japanese made makeup brushes into my collection and while many of them have replaced my previous favourites, a lot of them were also quite a similar shape and I wanted to get a better feel of them before I labelled any of them as a favourite. Now that I’ve finally got my brush buying obsession under control, I’ve finally reviewed my favourites including both old staples and new additions.  Continue reading “Favourite Face Makeup Brushes”

Top 15 of 2015

Oskia, Burberry, Makeup Geek Frappe, Mac Chili, NYX Butter, Diptyque Tam Dao, Nars Douceur, Tom Ford Terra, Chanel Exception2015 was indeed a life-changing year for me. I moved. I blogged. I read up about minimalism lifestyle quite a bit (sneak peak of what might be coming in 2016!). My world just basically turned upside down and I’m just trying to figure things out. Nonetheless, I’m sharing with you the products that stood out to me in the whole of 2015. Continue reading “Top 15 of 2015”

Winter Red Lip Look

Mac Chili, Becca Rose Gold, Sephora CopperIn all honesty, my YouTube subscription box has exploded with festive makeup looks and they’re all either red lip gold eye or black smokey eye so this feels sort of repetitive but it does have a bit of a twist on the classic because a) I hate gold eyeshadows b) I hate bright red lipsticks on me. Oh, so much negativity but I do love a muted red. Continue reading “Winter Red Lip Look”

Skincare Routine: Morning and Evening

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel, Origins Night-a-mins, Pixi Skindrink, Kiehl's Midnight RecoveryAs I finally found the product that sorts out my dehydration, I figured I might as well bring you a skincare routine. Let’s get all personal now as I tell you all my skin concerns. My skin is generally dry but I do suffer from clogged pores around my nose and my forehead gets pretty oily. At the same time, apparently I’m all about minimalism, wardrobe and skincare included. Continue reading “Skincare Routine: Morning and Evening”

Autumn Makeup Tutorial

Chanel Rouge Noir, Urban Decay Trick, Chanel Ardent While the previous tutorial I showed you included a dark lip, it was not the classic red black shade and we all know I can’t get very far in that department without mentioning the Chanel Rouge Noir. Now, I hope you’re all aware that Chanel is launching a Rouge Noir Absolument collection which reminds me why I fell for Chanel makeup in the first place but before I get my hands on that, it’s the lipstick for now. Continue reading “Autumn Makeup Tutorial”